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Title: Pathfinder Rear Bumpstop Spacers
Post by: SteeevO on October 21, 2012, 11:49:39 PM
Running 35" Tires you can barely get away with the stock rear bump stop location and in most cases with 35" tires you should already be relocating your bump stops. Moving up to 37's there is no question that you NEED to lower your bumpstops to help prevent the tires smashing into your wheel wells.

Being that I'm going to 37" Tires, I came up with a simple solution, 2" Steel spacers and some longer bolts.

Simply unbolt the stock motor mounts, slide the new bolts through the bumptop then through the spacer and bolt it all back onto the frame.

There can be quite a bit of pressure on the bumpstops at times and this configuration will put more stress on the longer bolts. These bumpstop bolts are only 10mm and are grade 8 but given the wide footprint of the spacer on the frame I don't think it'll be moving. Worst case scenario I'll have to weld it but I'm thinking this is a simple solution to a simple problem.